Call for papers

Call for papers

Call for Papers is Now Open!

  • Anyone can submit a paper at #ATAGTR2021
  • You can submit the paper as per the suggested paper categories below and the format of the paper

Call for Papers Timeline

Round 1: Submission of Abstracts – Submission of a document with your topic details for #ATAGTR2021 (Refer Abstract Submission Template)

  • Last Date for Submission of Abstracts: 15th Aug 2021
  • Selection Notification for Round 1: by 31st Aug 2021

Round 2: Submissions of Presentations and Self Recorded Video
This round mandates the submission of Presentation (A detailed presentation is not needed, an overview of your topic with the flow) along with Self recorded video (1-2 mins) The self-recorded video will help Jury understand your skillset in showcasing the topic to the audience.

  • Last Date for Submission of Presentations and Video: 15th September 2021
  • Selection Notification for Round 2: 30th September 2021

Round 3: Interviews by Jury
Based on the submissions of Round 2 (Presentations and Self Recorded Videos, Jury will schedule Video Interviews with the Shortlisted proposals, This will help us to select the best speakers for the conference.)
Video interview will be scheduled if the need is felt by the Jury.

Final Selection Notification: By 15th October 2021

Paper Submission Category to choose from

  • Interactive Talks
  • Workshop / Labs

Interactive talk (Duration 30 minutes + 5 minutes QnA) – Can be a case study, demo, innovation idea, best practices with references to categories suggested above or any other topic or area which will be of interest to the testing community

Hands on Labs (Testing Tool related hands on labs or workshops)

  • 90 Minutes
  • 180 Minutes

Submission categories (Interactive Session and Workshops)

You can choose one of the following Subcategories or Broad level Areas

  • Intelligent Automaton / AI driven Testing or Test Automation
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Testing with AI and AI testing, Testing with Machine Learning and Data Science
  • Testing in the IoT world
  • Big Data Testing
  • Blockchain and Testing
  • Gamification in Testing
  • Inclusion in Testing – Accessibility Testing
  • Performance Testing/ Engineering
  • Security Testing
  • Cloud Testing
  • Compliance Testing
  • Testing with and for customer experience
  • Test Craftsmanship
  • Test Leadership and Management
  • Agile and DevOps
  • Learning through Pitfalls and faults in Testing
  • Others (any other not covered in any of the above areas)

Note: The above topics are not just limited to the ones mentioned above. Go ahead and think outside the box. Also, remember that this could also be you shot at stand-up comedy, singing, dancing or to show case any other talent you have. There is something for everyone. After all, what is a retreat without some fun!

Important Notes for Call for Papers:

  1. Submissions must include the names of all authors to be considered – No change in author name is permitted once the abstract submission is done or in the subsequent rounds.
  2. Please follow the template for abstract submission.
  3. Maximum of 1 speaker and 1 co-speaker will be allowed for each submission.
  4. Once your abstract is shortlisted, you will have to submit presentation slides and 2-minute video (about the topic and why people should attend it) – Round 2.
  5. Speaker or co-speakers cannot be changed once the video is sent for both the speakers, if selected in the final round.
  6. You are allowed to change your slides, but you are required to submit the final slides 5 days prior to the event.
  7. Jury Decision is final.

Here are some benefits for submitting your paper proposals.

  1. All proposal submissions will be showcased on GTR website
  2. If the Papers is selected for presentation (shortlisted as a speaker for the conference), all the speaker photos and profiles will be showcased on the ATAGTR2021 site.
  3. All speakers get conference certificates.