001Rudolf Groetz, Vaska ZaykovaRaiffeisen Bank InternationalHow Raiffeisen Bank International will survive the Digital Banking Darwinism with Adaptive Workplace Learning
Selected For Round 2
002Deepak KoulRed HatTaking biases into account : Why retrospectives promise more and deliver lessSelected For Round 2
003Praveen David MathewEurofins Ireland LtdLet’s talk about Test processes , Test Automation architecture, and tools
004Kushan Amarasiri Acentura Inc.Unleash the Power of Cypress
005Apoorva Ram, Rahul Parwal Qapitol QA, IFM Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Common Testing Mistakes - Are we really evolving?
Selected For Round 2
006Mesut DurukalRapyuta Robotics4 Pillars of Successful Agile Test AutomationSelected For Round 2
007Mesut DurukalRapyuta RoboticsBeing A Tester: Soft Skills that A Tester should have
008Mesut DurukalRapyuta RoboticsEvolution & Future of Software Testing
009Mesut DurukalRapyuta RoboticsDo Bugs Speak?Selected For Round 2
010Gaurav Singh GojekDeep dive into Contract testingSelected For Round 2
011Kavin Arvind RagavanCognizant Technology SolutionsDesigning for Site Reliability &Observability using AWS FISSelected For Round 2
012Kavin Arvind Ragavan, Ranganath HRCognizant Technology SolutionsAchieving IT Resilience within Google Cloud: GCP Well Architected Frameworks
Selected For Round 2
013Hemant Kumar, Bhartesh Bohra AmdocsIntelligengent AI/DRIVEN - Audio/Video Media Injection Testing framework
Selected For Round 2
014Vishwanath Manogaran, Sivaranjani Ramasamy NagalakshmiCognizant Technology SolutionsAWS CodePipeline - Zero Touch DevOps Performance suite Selected For Round 2
015Nikhil BhandariGibraltar India (Prudential Inc)Quality Engineering journey from shift left to shift right and beyondSelected For Round 2
016Eswari MCognizant Technology SolutionsPerformance testing in NetstormSelected For Round 2
017Megan HutchinsonQualityWorksTesting Outside the BoxSelected For Round 2
018Shailendra LonareCognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. PunePerformance testing of Microservices
019Shawn JaquesTestimIt's Time to Rethink TestOpsSelected For Round 2
020Palvai PrashantCognizantXYZ Scaling - MicroservicesSelected For Round 2
021Arul Murugan Mani,Chaitanya Deshpande , CognizantCognizant Experience Lab : Continuous Testing with Azure DevOps Selected For Round 2
022Arul Murugan Mani,Rahul TripathiCognizantCognizant Experience Lab : Cloud Native Automation in AWS Selected For Round 2
023Anupam Agarwal,Peeyush GirdharNagarroChaos engineering: Break it to make it Selected For Round 2
024Arvind Singh,Chinmaya DoraAllscripts India LLPHow effectively RPA can be implemented using AI Selected For Round 2
025Ian Flanagantestim.ioCoded or code-less tests? Why not both?Selected For Round 2
026Giri Shankar RCognizant Technology SolutionsWhat it is and why matters: Representation/Understanding of Performance Test Results Selected For Round 2
027Sarbajit Sahani,Jagannath DAllscripts India LLPAPI Testing and BDD Selected For Round 2
028Jagannath D,Sarbajit SahaniAllscripts India LLPSimple hacks for Unbreakable Tests Selected For Round 2
029Payoli Bhattacharyya,Dinantika TalukdarCognizant Technology SolutionChaos unravelled with OpenShift Performance Tuning Selected For Round 2
030Rashmi Konda,Dimpy AdhikaryHappiestMindsFollow Your Tweet - BigData Pipeline Testing Selected For Round 2
031Geosley AndradesACCELQSpice up your Testing Gamify it outSelected For Round 2
032Ramya Ramalinga Moorthy,Sai Subramanian SivasailemL&T InfoTech Pvt Ltd The Know-Hows in Resilience & Reliability Testing for building an anti-fragile & highly scalable system Selected For Round 2
033Surabhi KapreTietoEVRY India Pvt LtdATAGTR2021-SAFe Is it Practical and Specific-Surabhi Kapre Selected For Round 2
034Adolf PatelCognizant Technology SolutionsUse of AI and ML in Performance TestingSelected For Round 2
035Bhuvaneshwari SCognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt LtdAn approach to DevSecOpsSelected For Round 2
036Bhuvaneshwari SCognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt LtdMonitoring Application Performance, Infrastructure and Security in OpenShiftSelected For Round 2
037Lavanya MohanGrabUnit Testing- Benefits from a Tester's PerspectiveSelected For Round 2
038Pooja Mahindrakar,Sachin NarakarHere TechnologyPerformance Testing with JMeter and stunning Grafana dashboard Selected For Round 2
039Veeresh Erched,Arun NarayanswamyAmadeusTHE FUTURE IS NOW: AI's impact is everywhere including the need for QA transformation Selected For Round 2
040Dhiraj Bendale,Abhijit ApteTech MahindraWeb view of Automation Execution using Docker in DevOps Selected For Round 2
041Anish Muralidharan,Praveen Arun APPADURAIAmadeus LabsBREAK THE ENIGMA for better customer experience Selected For Round 2
042Jyoti Lata MishraNetomiTest Design in Automation
043Arun Narayanaswamy,Veeresh ErchedAmadeusThe art of Gamifying FinOps Selected For Round 2
044Adish Apte,Meena MaluLTI AI / ML / NLP for delivering step improvement in software testing Selected For Round 2
045Mayur Vinayak ChitnisAmdocsTest Craftmanship: Crafting Continuously Evolving Test Strategy for Testing Micro Services Selected For Round 2
046PranayvardhanHere Solution Private LimitedBig Data TestingSelected For Round 2
047Arnab MajumdarCognizant Worldwide LimitedPerformance Evaluation Strategy of multi-access edge computing Selected For Round 2
048Chidambaram Vetrivel,Chintan ShahDentsu World ServicesAgility with Continuous Testing using CI Selected For Round 2
049Nitin JainTietoEvryIncrease the overall messaging connector performance with zero tool cost Selected For Round 2
050Niruphan Rajendran,Karthikeyan LakshminarayananQualitest GroupUnlocking the power of Machine Learning in Mobile NFT world Selected For Round 2
051Venkatesh Belde,Chidambaram VetriveDentsu World ServicesWeb Accessibility Testing in E commerce Platform
052Sunny DsouzaTietoIs your Test Automation retrogressive or evolving the Business? Selected For Round 2
053Gayathiri B,Abdul GafoorCognizant Technology SolutionsGrafana Integration with AWS Cloud Watch Selected For Round 2
054Sumit MundhadaVOIS, VodafoneAI ML in Testing Things to look for the future, Are you ready? Selected For Round 2
055Senthilkumar Thirumalaisamy,Sophia RaphaelCognizant Technology SolutionsHow to automate desktop applications using Open-source tool Python - PyWinAuto? A practitioners session for QA on desktop automation & integrating with Azure DevOps for continuous testing Selected For Round 2
056Vinod Sundararaju Antony,Senthilkumar ThirumalaisamyCognizant Technology SolutionsStadium Experience Assurance Selected For Round 2
057Kushan AmarasiriAcentura Inc.Test automation with Playwright Selected For Round 2
058Mahathee Dandibhotlapersistent systems HyderabadAccessibility Testing Fundamentals or Basics of Accessibility Testing 101 or Accessible Much Selected For Round 2